Digigate repair Service
Our knowledge of the DigiGate System gives us the expertise you're looking for to repair your parts.

John has been working with DigiGate products for more than 10 years. He began Melton Tech almost
5 years ago, and has not had a problem he could not resolve.

Won't Communicate? Melton Tech can Evalutate!

Along with our repair service, Melton Tech will test and evaluate any problem boards you may have. We will be glad to check your system to eliminate any doubts you have with your system. We specialize in all DigiGate 700 Keypads, System Controller, I/O Boards, muxes and graphics. With our quick turn service, you won't be down long.

Our services are guaranteed for 1 year, providing the unit has not been surged.
Send your parts in today, We'll get you going again.
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Alan Phillips offers a DigiView DVR Technical Repair Service. For all your DigiView repair questions please visit: www.digiviewrepair.com
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